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​Sleeping Days, Pt. 2

This song is by Cloud Cult and appears on the album They Live On The Sun (2003).

I hope you woke to fireworks
In the arms of a grass-deep wizard,
'Cause I can't bear to think
That you are gone

Somewhere in my belly
My little boy is running
With unicorns and Elmo
In one of daddy's songs...

Good morning, Baby,
Why are you still sleeping?
You're a plastic boy on a plastic bed -
Why didn't they take me instead?

And I like to think you're sleeping
In a safe little bluebird's nest;
And I'll protect your memories
With the dragons in my chest

Good night, Baby,
Daddy's going crazy!
I'm choking on my sleeping pills,
And hanging from the window sill.

And I like to think you're dressed up
In the beads that Momma made.
And will you be there waiting
When they take my skin away?

And I'm awake for sleeping days
I'm awake for sleeping days