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Running With The Wolves

This song is by Cloud Cult and appears on the live album Unplug (2014).

Running with the wolves
It's time for us to go
Left all our clothes
With the car back by the road

We were running
For a reason
For the burning
In our veins
And we were running
For a reason
We just need to get away

Running with the wolves
We're screaming at the stars
Left all we own
In a hole in a backyard

And we were running
For a reason
Left our cubicles in little flaming piles
And we were running
For a reason
I need to feel something different for just a little while

I'm not coming home
I'm staying with the wolves
You can burn all my mail
And disconnect my phone
Tell mom I'm sorry
Sorry for leaving
That I'm staying
But I'm not
Now we're running
To find meaning
We're gone
And we're never coming back

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