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The Great Mall Explosion

This song is by Closet Monster.

I thought this was the underground-
That we built something ourself.
A self-sufficient sub culture- a home away from hell.
The more I see everything crumbling
The more songs I'll sing like this.
'Cause when you're gone, I will still be here.
Knockout connection face to fist.
This is the mall punk anti thesis,
Mtv wants to buy us out.
A call to the independent record store.
"We could have conquered so much more,
But instead we sold ourself off way too short."
Walking hand in hand,
Corporate business and punk rock ltd.

Welcome to life after mtv.
(Cause music is and art,)
(Creation will inspire.)
(I got a feeling that I can't let go.)

Talk about content with floating through.
Talk about just one more hit band for history.
You took your megaphone form the man
To speak to the whole world
And you never once tried to make no difference.

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