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Picture Perfect (2006)Edit

Close To Home - Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect
  1. Didn't Have A Prayer
  2. Fourth Of July
  3. Appletinis And Biker Bars
  4. Forgive And Forget
  5. Kiss Love Goodbye
  6. Don't Stop
  7. Pictures And Past Times
  8. Once Again
  9. Burn
  10. If Words Could Kill
  11. One Chance, One Time
  12. Ending With Style
  13. The Art Of Rejection

Standby (2008)Edit

Close To Home - Standby
  1. These Nights Of Broken Glass
  2. If Words Could Kill
  3. Headphones
  4. Fourth Of July
  5. Come Back Home
  6. Hear Me Out
  7. Seattle Skies

Let It Be Known (2009)Edit

Close To Home - Let It Be Known
Let It Be Known
  1. Intro
  2. Chuggin' Is For Choo Choo's
  3. Promise
  4. There's Nothing Worse
  5. You Stuck A Nerve (I Struck A Match)
  6. Never Let Go

Never Back Down (2011)Edit

Close To Home - Never Back Down
Never Back Down
  1. Intro
  2. Days Of Our Lives
  3. Count The Ways
  4. All We Know
  5. Nothing Lasts Forever
  6. Empty Roads
  7. End Of An Era
  8. Sink Or Swim
  9. Behind The Scenes
  10. Changes
  11. The View From Here
  12. Picking Up The Pieces

Momentum (2012)Edit

Close To Home - Momentum
  1. Make It Count
  2. Don't Waste Your Breath
  3. Pirates Belong at Sea
  4. Hanging Onto Nothing
  5. Family Ties (featuring David Stephens & Kyle Pavone of We Came As Romans)
  6. Backstabbers Need Not Apply
  7. Sleepless in Cincinnati
  8. Young & Stupid
  9. Fake It 'Til You Make It
  10. Modern Warfare
  11. Nights Like Tonight

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