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Only Love

This song is by Clones Of Sam.

The simple life
All dressed in white
I miss you like the summer
This war I fight
All stuck inside
I miss you like no other

It's alright it's only love

I sit around and watch
My dog keep yawning
He loves you too

Don't you know?
I'm feeling awful proud
I think I'll run away

I can't be sold
And I could never miss it
I gave you up
but It's alright it's only love

The sun
You are the sunshine
When it melts my snowman
I'm melting too

Don't you know?
Or do I need to write it down
To make you understand
me good

I can't be told
That I could never miss you
I gave you up
but It's alright it's only love

These words I'm breathing
Can't wash away
It's murder to your ears
I'll cross the desert
To drive away
All of your fears

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