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This song is by Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman and appears on the album Jabberwocky (1999).

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Standing alone in the open, visions come and go one by one
And if your mind refuses to be open, then the jabberwock has already won
But if only just for a moment, you'd resist the urge to turn and to run
Maybe then you'd finally come to realise that you are the chosen one

Trust in yourself, believe in yourself
Wipe away the blood that stains the purest soul
The great and noble actions, devotions to innocent dreams, innocent dreams

You're afraid of all your feelings and I know that they run deep inside
But when your doubt and your fear are too revealing
Never turn from your honour and pride

Know yourself, have faith in yourself
Wipe away the tears that stain the strongest heart
The clear and lasting visions
Erosion of innocent dreams, innocent dreams

I couldn't believe it when I felt that it was true
Oh, I soon realised that this was what I was born to do
And if fate had placed this honour in another hand but mine
I would never have believed that my life could change our time

Go where the wind blows and follow your fate
Don't let your doubts show, don't hesitate

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