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Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Bidadidat
  2. Buck On Em
  3. Catch This Flight
  4. Dumb Hyphy
  5. Favorite Dj
  6. Get Down
  7. Hater Bug
  8. I Like
  9. Knock Em Out
  10. Leighton Meester
  11. Let It Go
  12. Okay Dun
  13. Pop Shots
  14. Roc Cafe
  15. Run This City
  16. Stand Da Fuck Up
  17. State Prop Boyz
  18. Still Cant Deny It
  19. Sucks To Be You
  20. UV Love
  21. Underground Legend
  22. Unless We Fucking
  23. What U Came Here To Do
  24. Whatever It Takes
  25. Where You Been

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