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A Mind To

This song is by Clint Black and appears on the album Spend My Time (2004).

Now, I'm not talking tough,
Telling the truth ought to be enough
I've had my share on the darker side
Sitting and starring at a TV screen,
Racking my brain over all the things.

If I'd just been there
I could have tried things to do
I can't help but think of more
I could fill my life wothout ever leaving home
I could see the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World
And even build a few more of my own. (If I had a mind to.)

Quit my job never mind the pay,
Maybe go figure out the CIA
Chase the paper and pass the bar,
Show Iacocca how to build a car
Jump up and run a three minute mile,
Sit around and watch my baby smile
That's what I might do, if I had a mind to.

No, I don't wanna blow my horn,
No telling how many souls I've worn
And what kind of shoes, when I had shoes
I'm still losing a bridge or two,
But the troubled water's gonna run on through
You can't always win, but you can always lose
But I don't turn my head for things that pass me by
And I'm gonna have a look around
I could gather all the diamonds in the sky
Hold every one and never leave the ground,
If I had a mind to.

Fly through the eye of a hurricane,
Freeze my body like David Blaine
Be the first to find life on Mars,
Go up and sell a few candy bars
Climb a rainbow and kiss the sun,
Walk on the moon when the day is done
That's what I might do, If I had a mind to.

Somewhere someone's doing everything I've said
I don't have to do anything, I could do it in my head
If I had mind to.

Sail away and be Jacques Cousteau,
Or the Crocodile hunter on a TV show
Be the king of the one night stand,
Front the Coral Reefer Band
Ski Colorado where there ain't no snow,
Plant a tree and watch it grow
That what I might do.

Go out and buy me a suit and tie,
Go to work everyday and be a regular guy
Smoking big cigars all day,
Be the President of the USA
Get a tattoo and bleach my hair,
Open a window and breathe the air
That's what I might do, if I had a mind to...

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