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Killin' Time (1989)Edit

Clint Black - Killin Time
Killin' Time
  1. Straight From the Factory
  2. A Better Man
  3. Nobody's Home
  4. Walkin' Away
  5. You're Gonna Leave Me Again
  6. I'll Be Gone
  7. Nothing's New's
  8. Winding Down
  9. Killin' Time
  10. Live and Learn

Put Yourself in My Shoes (1990)Edit

Clint Black - Put Yourself in My Shoes
Put Yourself in My Shoes
  1. Put Yourself in My Shoes
  2. The Gulf of Mexico
  3. One More Payment
  4. Where Are You Now
  5. The Old Man
  6. This Nightlife
  7. Loving Blind
  8. Muddy Water
  9. A Heart Like Mine
  10. The Goodnight-Loving

The Hard Way (1992)Edit

Clint Black - The Hard Way
The Hard Way
  1. We Tell Ourselves
  2. The Hard Way
  3. Something to Cry About
  4. Buying Time
  5. When My Ship Comes In (featuring Wynonna Judd)
  6. A Woman Has Her Way
  7. There Never Was a Train
  8. The Good Old Days
  9. Burn One Down
  10. Wake Up Yesterday

Clint Black (1993)Edit

Clint Black - Clint Black
Clint Black
  1. A Better Man
  2. The Gulf of Mexico
  3. Winding Down
  4. Live and Learn
  5. Muddy Water
  6. The Old Man
  7. This Nightlife
  8. You're Gonna Leave Me Again

No Time to Kill (1993)Edit

Clint Black - No Time To Kill
No Time to Kill
  1. No Time to Kill
  2. Thinkin' Again
  3. A Good Run of Bad Luck
  4. State of Mind
  5. A Bad Goodbye (featuring Wynonna Judd)
  6. Back to Back
  7. Half the Man
  8. I'll Take Texas
  9. Happiness Alone
  10. Tuckered Out

One Emotion (1994)Edit

Clint Black - One Emotion
One Emotion
  1. One Emotion
  2. Summer's Coming
  3. Untanglin' My Mind
  4. Wherever You Go
  5. A Change in the Air
  6. Life Gets Away
  7. I Can Get By
  8. Hey Hot Rod
  9. You Walked By
  10. You Made Me Feel

Looking for Christmas (1995)Edit

Clint Black - Looking for Christmas
Looking for Christmas
  1. The Finest Gift
  2. Under the Mistletoe
  3. The Kid
  4. The Coolest Pair
  5. Looking for Christmas
  6. Christmas for Every Boy and Girl
  7. Til' Santa's Gone (Milk and Cookies)
  8. Slow as Christmas
  9. The Birth of the King
  10. Looking for Christmas (Reprise)

The Greatest Hits (1996)Edit

Clint Black - The Greatest Hits
The Greatest Hits
  1. Like the Rain
  2. Summer's Comin'
  3. A Good Run of Bad Luck
  4. State of Mind
  5. A Bad Goodbye
  6. A Better Man
  7. Killin' Time
  8. We Tell Ourselves
  9. Half Way Up
  10. Burn One Down
  11. Cadillac Jack Favor
  12. Put Yourself in My Shoes
  13. Wherever You Go
  14. Life Gets Away
  15. No Time to Kill
  16. Desperado

Nothin' but the Taillights (1997)Edit

Clint Black - Nothin But the Taillights
Nothin' but the Taillights
  1. Nothin' but the Taillights
  2. That Something in My Life
  3. Our Kind of Love (featuring Alison Krauss & Union Station)
  4. Loosen Up My Strings
  5. Still Holding On (featuring Martina McBride)
  6. Something That We Do
  7. The Shoes You're Wearing
  8. You Don't Need Me Now
  9. What I Feel Inside
  10. You Know It All
  11. Ode to Chet
  12. Bitter Side of Sweet

Super Hits (1998)Edit

Clint Black - Super Hits
Super Hits
  1. Half Way Up
  2. One Emotion
  3. A Bad Goodbye
  4. You Walked By
  5. Untanglin' My Mind
  6. Chain of Fools
  7. A Change in the Air
  8. Life Gets Away
  9. Desperado
  10. I'll Take Texas
  11. Tuckered Out

D'Lectrified (1999)Edit

Clint Black - DLectrified
  1. Bob Away My Blues
  2. Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way
  3. Hand in the Fire
  4. Outside Intro (To Galaxy Song)
  5. Galaxy Song
  6. When I Said I Do
  7. Been There (featuring Steve Wariner)
  8. Dixie Lullaby (featuring Bruce Hornsby)
  9. Where Your Love Won't Go
  10. Love She Can't Live Without
  11. Burn One Down
  12. Who I Used to Be (featuring Kenny Loggins)
  13. Harmony
  14. No Time to Kill
  15. Something That We Do

Greatest Hits II (2001)Edit

Clint Black - Greatest Hits II
Greatest Hits II
  1. The Shoes You're Wearing
  2. Nothin' but the Taillights
  3. Nothing's New's
  4. Walkin' Away
  5. When My Ship Comes In
  6. Something That We Do
  7. When I Said I Do
  8. Been There
  9. Still Holding On
  10. Nobody's Home
  11. One More Payment
  12. One Emotion
  13. Easy for Me to Say
  14. Little Pearl & Lily's Lullaby
  15. Money or Love
  16. Put Yourself in My Shoes

Spend My Time (2004)Edit

Clint Black - Spend My Time
Spend My Time
  1. Spend My Time
  2. We All Fall Down
  3. My Imagination
  4. She's Leavin'
  5. Everything I Need
  6. What Ever Happened
  7. A Mind To
  8. Just Like You and Me
  9. The Boogie Man
  10. Someone Else's Tears
  11. Haywire
  12. A Lover's Clown

The Collection (2006)Edit

Clint Black - The Collection
The Collection
  1. When My Ship Comes In
  2. Nothin' but the Taillights
  3. A Better Man
  4. Something That We Do
  5. State of Mind
  6. You Don't Need Me Now
  7. This Nightlife
  8. Money or Love
  9. Bob Away My Blues
  10. Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way
  11. One Emotion
  12. Summer's Comin'
  13. Untanglin' My Mind
  14. Wherever You Go
  15. A Change in the Air
  16. Life Gets Away
  17. I Can Get By
  18. Hey Hot Rod
  19. You Walked By
  20. You Made Me Feel
  21. Put Yourself in My Shoes
  22. The Gulf of Mexico
  23. One More Payment
  24. Where Are You Now
  25. The Old Man
  26. This Nightlife
  27. Loving Blind
  28. Muddy Water
  29. A Heart Like Mine
  30. The Goodnight-Loving

Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic (2005)Edit

Clint Black - Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic
Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic
  1. Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic
  2. Heartaches
  3. Code of the West
  4. Rainbow in the Rain
  5. Undercover Cowboy
  6. Go It Alone
  7. Too Much Rock
  8. A Big One
  9. I Don't Wanna Tell You
  10. Back Home in Heaven
  11. Thinkin' of You
  12. Longnecks & Rednecks

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Songs Featuring Clint BlackEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Bob Wills Is Still The King
  2. I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song
  3. Iraq And Roll
  4. Leaving Here A Better Man
  5. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)
  6. Same Old Train
  7. Slavery, Deliverance And Faith
  8. The Strong One
  9. Humanity
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