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Sleep Of The Good

This song is by Cliff Richard.

No one can touch you now, no
No one can harm you
You're finally free
Your passion all spent
Your savage intent

To break away meant to break me
Oh Cathy, the game you played
Oh Cathy, you've paid
I've been betrayed

I try to find the words to justify
All that you've put Lille through
What gave you the right to leave me
When you you knew I loved you

I pray you find some peace at last
The sleep of the good if only you could

Only my life remains cold
This is a winter
Will never know spring
As time and again
I try to contain

The anger and pain that you bring
Oh Cathy, my reckless one
Oh Cathy, it's done
The long night's begun

You lie so close
So calm, so motionless
I can almost believe
You're still in my arms, within me

So near, to hear I loved you
I pray, I find some peace at last
The sleep of the good
If only I could


Written by:

John Farrar; Timothy Miles Bindon Rice

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