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Poor Boy

This song is by Cliff Richard and appears on the album 21 Today (1961).

It won't work, poor boy, don't you try again
Fate took away your love and you can't win
You can sing the blues all to yourself
But while you're singing
She's with someone else, poor boy
While you're singing she's with someone else

Poor boy, I'm sorry you're so blue
But don't forget there's more than one of you
Poor boy, I'm sorry, you're so sad
Time will heal the pain won't be so bad, poor boy
Time will heal the pain won't be so bad

Let's forget it, poor boy and let's ride alright
Bad luck can be good luck in disguise
Someday new love may come to call
Poor boy, we'll be rich men after all, poor boy
We'll be rich men after all


Written by:

Vernon Mcentire

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