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Voodoo Morning

This song is by Cliff Eberhardt and appears on the album Mona Lisa Café (1995).

My fingers tingle, my foot's asleep
Pins and needles sticking in me
My chicken's missing, my rooster's gone
Looks like midday but it's only dawn
I'm having a voodoo morning

My coffee's bitter, my eggs are hard
There's a black cat crossing my back yard
There's a crow at the window with a devil's scream
There's bones in the sink, tell me what does this mean?
I'm having a voodoo morning

My wallet's missing, my car won't start
Someone who hates me is attacking my heart
Some angry neighbor, some waiter I stiffed
Someone I left off my Christmas card list

I received no letters, no fax I see
There ain't no message on my message machine
No smoke signal, telegrams to read
Who in the hell sent this pain to me
I'm having a voodoo morning

Written by:

Cliff Eberhardt; David Wilcox

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