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We Own the World

This song is by Cledus T. Judd and appears on the album Cledus T. Judd (No Relation) (1995).

This song is a parody of "We Are The World" by USA For Africa.
There comes a time when inquiring minds must know
Just why we have come together as one
There are rumors flying
Even LaToya's psychic line
Could not predict that you would marry me
Take it Lisa Marie

You couldn't go on pretending day by day
That you were really the King
You're more feminine than me
From plastic surgery
And Liz was old and overweight so you chose me

We own the world we got gazillions

You wear the pants I'll wear the glove and LOVE the children

I'll teach you scientology
Move to Memphis Tennessee

I swear we're gonna have more clout than Bill and Hillary

Oh Priscilla was mad
She said your dad
Was weird enough

But even Elvis didn't try to buy the elephant man

He gave away big Cadillacks
Ate cheeseburgers by the stacks

And left me a bloody fortune no you get half

We own the world that's why we're grinning
And if you hear a whirling sound it's Elvis spinning

Ah he's turning over in his grave
His face has turned blue suede

And if he ain't really dead this'll kill him now

We haven't kissed so far we've just held hands
The only ride you've given me was at Disneyland

Waa waa wellllllllll there's people suing
Oh they're trying to make me pay
I've had to hire more lawyers than OJ

We own the world
Neverland and Graceland
Bubbles the Chimp can have the jungle room to play in

I'll learn to do the moonwalk too

And if my nose should come unglued
Or my hair should catch on fire you'll come to my rescue

We own the world

He loves me tender
Even though I'm still not sure about his gender

I guess that I'm a cross between Janet and Jermaine

And I'm a hunka hunka burnin' love straight from the King

Lisa Marie when do you think we can uh constipate our marriage

Well as soon as ya stop grabbing yourself honey

Ha ha ha oh Lisa Marie you're such a Thriller

Aw thank you
Thank you very much

Ladies and gentlemen Lisa Marie and Michael have just BOUGHT the building

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