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Riding With Inmate Jerome

This song is by Cledus T. Judd and appears on the EP A Six Pack Of Judd (2003).

This song is a parody of "Riding With Private Malone" by David Ball.
I was just out of the rehab riding through the neighborhood
When I came across this homeboy who said he'd fix me up real good
He lead me down an alley and right through a chain-link fence
I had a hundred dollars I could spend

It was parked out in the driveway of a house of ill repute
And in the backseat hung a double-breasted lime green suit
What that homeboy showed me nearly caused a heart attack
For what he called a hooptie was a sky blue Cadillac

And I felt a little nervous as I drove out of the hood
But I loved that furry steering wheel and that dashboard made of wood

I opened up the mini bar and in there I found a note
The stationery said county jail and this is what he wrote

He said, "My is name is inmate Leroy Jerome
If you's a-reading this, judge says I isn't coming home
Though I am incarsarated, I'll make a deal with you
If you can keep my gals in line this car belongs to you
Now ride low and drive slow and make her yours own
You'll always be ri-din with inmate Jerome"

One night I was hopping in and I heard the breaking glass
And I can still remember sounds of bullets wizzin' past
Someone said they saw a man in a fur coat and fur hat
Push me out of the moving car
And take his caddy back

It was a young man named inmate Leroy Jerome
He's out of the joint
The parole board sent 'em home
Though he was incarcerated he cut a deal or two
Now he's got a brand new pinkie ring and brunole molly shoes
I even think I caught a whiff of Michael Jordan's flash cologne
I sure 'nough love ri-din with inmate Jerome

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