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My Crowd

This song is by Cledus T. Judd and appears on the EP A Six Pack Of Judd (2003).

This song is a parody of "My Town" by Montgomery Gentry.
Track 3
My Crowd
Parody of Montgomery Gentry's My Town

There's a big old line down at the TicketMaster
I admit it it's a sight I'd love to see
A few of them look like they need a shower
But they're holding signs saying "I love Cledus T."
If it wasn't for them I'd be right in the poor house
Country music fans are the best around
Them's my crowd

Yeah them is my crowd
Sell the farm
Sell the bread
All their necks are a little red
They love Hank
They love Hag
They've been known to wave the flag
They're always up gettin' down
They get riled if they get loud
Them is my crowd
Hey... you're with my crowd
My Crowd

There's a lot of drinkin' beer
When they fire up the grill
They'll line up at the port-a-Johns real soon
If you ask me there ain't nothing louder
Than a country music concert coming through
Come tomorrow morning out in the parking lot
There'll be fifty thousand beer cans on the ground
And them's my crowd

This is my crowd
They all work more than minimum wage
When Earnhardt died
They all was sad
Gun control makes them fightin' mad
Pop a top pass it around
Turn it up then chuck it down
This is my crowd
Yeah... you're with my crowd
My crowd


Well I hope I bought you all a lot of laughter
I'm gonna miss ya
You made me feel like a big star
My tour bus will hit the road in a couple of hours
And fans like you make leaving really hard
We'll do another big show come tomorrow night
But you are hard to beat I'm telling you right now
And maybe later old T. Judd will take one of you cowgirls
Back to my house

You're with my Crowd
You yell some more
Some hell was raised
Y'all be hung over for days
You got to hear some real hot bands
And got to meet some real cool fans
We raised the roof and burned it down
And see y'all next time around
Y'all with my crowd
Yeah this is my crowd
My crowd

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