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Is Funny

This song is by Cledus T. Judd and appears on the album Bipolar And Proud (2004).

I was down in Mexico puttin' on a little show but no one was laughin' at the jokes I told no
I guess my perides but translate
Then my tummy started rumbling from the tacos I ate
I had to think fast
I toke a chance
I moved the microphone around the back of my pants
Would they all laugh

I didn't know
I bent down and let it go

(In background) Ole Cledus
(Backup singers)

It's the same around the world
(Backup singers)

Even out in Budapest
Is funny
Then there was a time I went over to China
I saw the Great Wall an' I had a great timea
Separated from my tour group a found a litte place an' got some wan-tan soup
I sat with a man named Mr. Mariyachi
He talked to much and ate beef tariyachi
In all of his chatter I thought it wouldn't matter I almost made my own po-po platter
Wo wo wo you a funny guy cleduson

It's the same around the world
Even on Mt. Everest
Is funny

It was a perfect hour at the Effel tower
I gave my French girlfriend a bunch of flowers
She leaned over to kiss me
I asked her if she loved me and I said wee-wee (wee-wee)
We found a little cafe on the sidewalk
So we could have dinner and a nice talk
I thought I ruined the mood with all that French food
Maybe let a little bit of pepelapew

The United Nations needs its information an' maybe there won't be any misinterpretation
They wont be able to talk about war
They when they hear a they'll be rollin' on the floor

It's the same around the world
Let one rip it's the best
Wew is funny
You know what's funny you laughing right now
I can say pull my finger in 14 different languages
And everybody laughs every single time
The kids laugh
You laugh
Your brother laughs
Everybody laughs
It's the universal language

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