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In Another Size

This song is by Cledus T. Judd and appears on the album Juddmental (1999).

This song is a parody of "In Another's Eyes" by Garth Brooks.
I need another size
'Cause I'm someone who
Has eat too much for these size 32s
Gonna bust out the seams
From too many fries
Need another size

Miss Patricia Earwood

You need another size
At least try some oh
Cause believe you me
You ain't skin and bones
Your britches way too small
To fit them Calvin Kleins
You need another size

I need another size
'Cause I'm afraid that I can't breathe
These skin tight starch new Wranglers
Look like they're painted on me
I need to jazzercise
But I'm way too lazy to
Cause every time I look my belly's proof
I need another size

Oh need another size
Cause folks stare at me
There in the buffet line
Where it's all you can eat
The scales don't lie
You lost the Phen Phen fight
Need another size

And what they don't see
These pants are killing me
I need a trainer and a nurse my blood pressure's high

'Cause in another size
I can double up on sweets
They've got to make some Wranglers that will fit my physique
But they don't specialize
In pants the size of parachutes
So I guess I'll walk around in my birthday suit
Till they make another size

Need another size

We need another size

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