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Best of the Worst

This song is by Clear Voyance.

I just wanted to apologize to you,
While it was weighing heavy in my mind.
I'm just a hopeless romantic with his head too tight,
And I did not mean to hurt anyone

Bring back the times before I knew you,
Because every nights another story to you.
And well, you built me up and you lead me on,
And you crushed me down so I sing this song

(All I need is sympathy from you)

Now this wasn't love and this wasn't lust,
It was just a feeling, just a crush
And now your bullet has pierced my skin,
Ridiculous this seems to me
How a lush like you could get to me
But now your lust has got to my head

You played this off, and you played it well
Feeding lies through my mind so I could not tell,
No you did not quite get to touch my heart
You just chipped a rib and this fell apart.

I'm trying hard to think why this had to happen to me,
As you take this out on all of your friends

You take this out on all of your friends
When it's not their fault, it's you in the end
And with my lack of conversation,
You start to fall apart.

(All I need is sympathy from you)

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