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3rd Hour Pastimes

This song is by Clear Voyance.

3rd time is always a charm but I can barely sleep,
only to dream of you again,
can someone please explain this pounding in my chest
(I want you bad)
I think I'm going down with you,
will you be there to break my fall,
This time, will be better than the last

And all this time I knew it was to good to be true
I knew I was wasting my time

I never want to have to say goodbye to you,
because I will only have to say hello again

( so leave, just leave me right where I belong
tomorrow never looked so good with out you in my life)

for all this time I've wasted this is what I've got,
an empty heart, like frames on the walls of my room,
and a voice I can't forget, calling out my name,
something isn't right here, this is all I have to give,
it's all or nothing now.

I can barely breath, as we choke away our goodbye's,
dry the tears as you walk away and I'll hold my breath.

Hello again, goodbye to you

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