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This song is by Clay Walker and appears on the album Say No More (2001).

Girl, if you only knew
How many times
I've reached for you
Every night I'd drift off to sleep
And there you would be
Reaching for me too
Oh but now
I don't have to close my eyes
For this dream to come alive

It's real
It's here in my heart
Stronger than steel
Brighter than a million stars
(Oh) Baby you, have shown me
How love should feel
Every single touch
Tells me that this love is real

I guess, I really thought
The thrill would wear off, eventually
Oh but still
I can't get enough
I still get a rush
When you're close to me
You're the fire
Burning in my soul
And that is how I know

I can't remember
Ever feeling like this
With every look and every kiss
It's real

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