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Doghouse Rights

This song is by Clay Davidson and appears on the album Unconditional (2000).

Well I've done things I'm not proud of
Broken all the rules of lve
Sentenced five and doin' ten once again
Of all the damage done
It would've been easy just to run
But I stood by and showed my hand like a man

And I've paid the price for some doghouse rights
Better wake up (wake up)
Let me back in or let me go

Once I was king, kept a black book on a string
But that's changed and rightful too
Since I met you

Oh a brand new man that's what you want (that's what you want)
That's what I am
And baby from this day on (this day on)
I won't smoke or drink or stay out late
You can tell all my friends I moved away

Wake up (wake up) let this fool back in or let me go
Wake up, let this fool back in or let me go.

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