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What Would You Do For A King?

This song is by Clay Crosse and appears on the album A Different Man (2000).

What would you do for a king
If He won all the battles He went out to fight
And returned as a hero on a starlit night to a cheering crowd...
Would it make you proud?

And what would you do for a king
If He kept every promise that He'd ever made
Would you get out the tickertape and lead a parade, a society ball...
Or would you care at all?

Kings always seemed to me as such grand, imposing men
So full of stature, full of power
Such great authority in every word they say
I never thought I was quite the type
But I'd still love to meet one someday

So what would you do for a king
If He came to your door, would you ask Him in
Would you tell Him how much you admired Him
Do you think you'd dare
Or would you be to scared?

Most kings don't seem to know much about the common man
So far removed and set apart
I cheer with thousands, we blend into a roar
Another face in an endless crowd
Is that all I really am, just one more...

So what would you do for a king
If He saw you fishing out by the sea
And He walked up to you and said "Follow me - It's time you know"
Do you think you'd go?

And what would you do for a king
If He took off his crown and agreed to die
And as you tried to understand it, He looked you in the eye and said,
"This is for you"
Well, what would you do?

(What would you do for a king)

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