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His Love Is Strong

This song is by Clay Crosse and appears on the album Time To Believe (1995).

So many mountains that we try to climb
So many places where we fall behind
Deep in the struggle just to find our way
We lose the heart, we lose the faith
Sometimes this life can tear your world apart
But you've got to remember that...


His love is strong enough to win the fight
His love is strong and good and right
When the heart gets weak
And the road get's long
His love is strong
His love is strong

Within the wonder of a baby's cry
And in the thunder of the midnight sky
Is something stronger than the heart of steel
It's a power you can touch and feel
So when you think that all your hope is gone
You've got to remember that...

Repeat chorus

You may be walking through the darkest night
On a road that's rough
But keep believing in the morning light
And His love will be enough, cause...

Repeat chorus

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