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'Til the End of the World

This song is by Clay Crosse and appears on the album A Different Man (2000).

In a world where people come and go
In a place where no one ever stays
The greatest friend you'll ever know
Is the one who will not walk away
I could hold you with the strongest arms
I could hear you in a silent prayer
And I would feel your deepest scars
I will stand beside you anywhere

If you believe in me, I will be with you
'Til the end of the world
If you believe in me, I will be with you
'Til the end of the world

When you're standing there in sheer disgrace
And your fears become a raging flood
In that darkness I will take your place
I will sacrifice my flesh and blood
No greater love has any man
Than to lay down his life for a friend
And in my dying words, in my dying words
I have called you friend


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