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Kick It

This song is by Clawfinger and appears on the album Zeroes & Heroes (2003).

You take what you can, without asking first
And then you drink what's left, to quench your own thirst
You always fill your plate with more than you can eat
And then you make sure, that you get the best seat

I've told you a thousand times but you still won't listen
I've given you a thousand chances but you still won't learn
And I've seen a thousand signs that you've been missin'
I've told you a thousand times wait until your turn

You always help yourself, to what you can find
But sharing what there is, it doesn't cross your mind
You find a place in the sun and wait until you're served
To make sure that you get, more than you deserve

Stop breathing my air, you're all over my face
Just give me some room, stop stealing my space
Take one step back and then one step more
Until' you reach the door...

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