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Meet Claude King (1962)Edit

Claude King - Meet Claude King

Meet Claude King

  1. The Comancheros
  2. You're Breaking My Heart
  3. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
  4. Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You Mine
  5. Big River, Big Man
  6. Sweet Lovin'
  7. Wolverton Mountain
  8. Would You Care?
  9. Pistol Packin' Papa
  10. Little Bitty Heart
  11. I Can't Get Over The Way You Got Over Me
  12. I Backed Out

Tiger Woman (1965)Edit

Claude King - Tiger Woman

Tiger Woman

  1. Tiger Woman
  2. Catch A Little Raindrop
  3. Anna
  4. That's The Way The Wind Blows
  5. Ancient History
  6. I Won't Be Long In Your Town
  7. Hold That Tiger (Tiger Rag)
  8. It's Good To Have My Baby
  9. Little Buddy
  10. Come On Home
  11. Great Big Tears
  12. There Ain't Gonna Be No More

The Best Of Claude King (1968)Edit

Claude King - The Best Of Claude King

The Best Of Claude King

  1. This Land Of Yours And Mine
  2. Wolverton Mountain
  3. I Won't Be Long In Your Town
  4. When You Gotta Go (You Gotta Go)
  5. Big Ole Shoulder
  6. Hey Lucille!
  7. Little Bitty Heart
  8. Right Place (At The Right Time)
  9. That's What Makes The World Go Around

I Remember Johnny Horton (1968)Edit

Claude King - I Remember Johnny Horton

I Remember Johnny Horton

  1. I Remember Johnny
  2. First Train Headin' South
  3. Whispering Pines
  4. Ole Slew Foot
  5. Battle Of New Orleans
  6. When It's Springtime In Alaska
  7. All For The Love Of A Girl
  8. Honky Tonk Man
  9. Sink The Bismarck
  10. She Knows Why
  11. North To Alaska

Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife (1970)Edit

Claude King - Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife

Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife

  1. Friend Lover Woman Wife
  2. Beertops And Teardrops
  3. Almost Persuaded
  4. Green Mountain
  5. Little Things That Ever Girl Should Know
  6. Green Green Grass Of Home
  7. All For The Love Of A Girl
  8. Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town
  9. Sweet Love On My Mind
  10. Four Roses
  11. House Of The Rising Sun

Chip 'N' Dale's Place (1971)Edit

Claude King - Chip 'N' Dale's Place

Chip 'N' Dale's Place

  1. Chip'n Dale's Place
  2. Help Me Make It Through The Night
  3. Turn It Around In Your Mind
  4. When You're 21
  5. Juggler
  6. Wolverton Mountain
  7. Mary's Vineyard
  8. Heart
  9. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  10. Highway Lonely
  11. Laura (What He's Got That I Ain't Got)

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