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Hanging Gardens (2013)Edit

Classixx - Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens

  1. Hanging Gardens
  2. All You're Waiting For (featuring Nancy Whang)
  3. Holding On
  4. Rhythm Santa Clara
  5. Dominoes
  6. A Fax From The Beach
  7. Long Lost (featuring Active Child)
  8. A Stranger Love (featuring Sarah Chernoff)
  9. I'll Get You (featuring Jeppe)
  10. Supernature
  11. Jozi's Fire
  12. Borderline (featuring Jesse Kivel)

Faraway Reach (2016)Edit

Classixx - Faraway Reach

Faraway Reach

  1. Grecian Summer
  2. In These Fine Times (featuring De Lux)
  3. Safe Inside (featuring Passion Pit)
  4. I Feel Numb (featuring Alex Frankel)
  5. Just Let Go (featuring How To Dress Well)
  6. The Dissolve (featuring Isles)
  7. Whatever I Want (featuring T-Pain)
  8. Ndivile (featuring Nonku)
  9. Faraway Reach
  10. Eyes on Me (featuring Harriet Brown)
  11. Pure Distraction
  12. A Mountain with No Ending (featuring Panama)

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