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Stop being so nice to me
how should I react to it?
the words have piled up
so much that I can't look at your face with a side glance

Where is it? the key I lost and can't seem to find
I sigh, acting stubborn everytime I see you is really wearing me out
even if you're just a little far away my hands won't reach you
for sure, I know that I want to catch you, that shadow of yours

Don't be so kind
see, we both ended up getting hurt again
all the lies that've accumulated have made it impossible to move
don't look at me with those eyes
what face am I supposed to make?
I'm always ending up lost
but sometime I'll be able to smile

How many days have I passed the time with you?
even then the words we exchange are so few

We're so close, but just far enough that I can't reach you well enough
just a little more!...

Stop being this kind to me
see, we're both hurt again
the lies have piled so high I can't hear your words
hiding my real voice
I sing this melody
my heart will slowly change
and I'll give myself to you

I don't truly understand myself
and I still want to understand you better
suppressing my urge to clash with you
there are walls unseen but even as I fumble about, I will search for what I want

Stop being so nice to me
see, we've both gotten hurt again
because all the lies we've told have just made it difficult right?
even though, I want to go see you right now
I just can't find the right words
even if we have to reach the final page
my smiling face, I want to show it to you