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Wrong / No Eyes (2013)Edit

Claptone - Wrong - No Eyes

Wrong / No Eyes

  1. Wrong
  2. No Eyes (featuring Jaw)

Charmer (2015)Edit

Claptone - Charmer


  1. In the Beginning (featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  2. The Only Thing
  3. Dear Life (featuring Jaw)
  4. Heartbeat (featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  5. Puppet Theatre (featuring Peter and Bjorn And John)
  6. Leave Your Light On (featuring Young Galaxy)
  7. The Music Got Me
  8. Anything (featuring Jaw)
  9. Party Girl (featuring Jimi Tenor)
  10. Your Body (In the Rain) (featuring Bavanandan)
  11. No Eyes (featuring Jaw)
  12. Ghost (featuring Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
  13. I Write Your Name (featuring Jay-Jay Johanson)

Fantast (2018)Edit

Claptone - Fantast


  1. Birdsong (featuring Zola Blood)
  2. In the Night (featuring Ben Duffy)
  3. Under the Moon (featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  4. Stay the Night (featuring Tender)
  5. Stronger (featuring Ben Duffy)
  6. Ain't a Bad Thing (featuring JONES)
  7. Wildside (featuring Matt Simons)
  8. Abyss of Love (featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  9. La Esperanza (featuring Katie Stelmanis)
  10. A Waiting Game (featuring Nathan Nicholson)
  11. Cruising (So They Say) (featuring Kele Okereke)
  12. Animal (featuring Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
  13. Alone (featuring Blaenavon)

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