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Hi Fat Lo Fat

This song is by Clann Zú and appears on the EP Clann Zú (2000).

We'll suck the last drop dry,
Watch as you fall and cry
Our whole reason's set to bring you down
Don't bother asking why
One last look at the sky
Now we're going to bring you down

(Oh darling, just think
If it weren't for the blacks and the Irish and the working classes
We could be together for always
Pure and Anglo-Saxon)

Now we're sick of all your lies,
Your scene in all the right places
And your kingdom we despise
We'll take you down and leave no traces

So low - so ...
So low - so ...

(Pure and Anglo-Saxon)

You really thought you had us beat,
Thought you saw defeat in our faces
And now you watch us running free
Rising up to take back our own places

So low - so ...
So low - so ...

Don't ever think that what you had
Is yours to keep, accept defeat
You'll never beat the ones you tried to kill by choking their culture
And as we're making our own worlds
We see your empire fall and burn, slowly turn
Inside your gut the worm has finally turned

So low
So low
So low
So low


Lyrics by:

Declan de Barra

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