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​Morning Glow

This song is by Clan of Xymox and appears on the album In Love We Trust (2009).

The sleepy sound of the coming tide
Slaps on rocks the sun had dried
Too lazy almost to sink and rise
Round low islands pink like thighs
The water engulfs shells in sand
Grows greener emerald like romance

In the morning glow, in the morning glow
In the morning glow, in the morning glow

Red as blood the sun is coming up
Red as blood the sea is my God

All creatures great and small
These moments overpower us all
The sun comes up and the mist is gone
I see in the distance my long way home

In the morning glow
In the morning glow

Clear and shot I am beguiled on this spot
Far and beyond the colours change and astound
Rise and shine, the sea looks like wine
It fills my cup, my time is winding up