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This song is by Clan of Xymox and appears on the album Medusa (1986).

I'm here
Laying underneath
Well, there is nothing left to say
You slowly went your way from me
Felt your softness
Fade away
Who am I?
Who am I to make you stay?

Oh, here we go again
Entering the masquerade
This is the place
Dreams will shatter
Cover your face
And care no more (care no more)
Go until she goes again
Scattering dreams
She don't care no more (care no more)
She don't care no more

These narrowed eyes, I don't know
Nothing's there behind
The mask you wear
Now it feels
So unreal
Cold as ice
Cold as ice
This face I see

Masquerade, masquerade (let me out)
Masquerade, masquerade (care no more)
Masquerade (she don't care no more)
Masquerade, masquerade (let me out to save her)

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