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Love The Giver

This song is by Claire Voyant and appears on the album Time And The Maiden (2001).

Twilight in symphony it's as well its what you don't see
So plain you're impatient now I wait in your eyes
It's in the way that your love is forgiving'

Ageless your time won't come you're as beautiful as the sun
Tables they turn so slow you were once now you burn
It's in the way that love is forsaken'
now you see the profit '
how do you regret?

"Bring your mortar back I want to seal the eyes, the
lines, and cracks'tell me I'm not loved'I love the
giver of my soul"

It's in the way that love is forsaken you've seen the
progress now do you regress?

It's in the way that your love is forbidden you've seen
this progress'If I blame, its not my fault'

It's on the outside.


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