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Gods and Generals

This song is by Civil War and appears on the album Gods and Generals (2015).

On the first page he wrote
So here we go:marching out to the battlefield
All prepared to fight
Be by my side, I pray to my god
And on page forty one
No sign of despair; I can feel lust and courage
Enemies beware
Here come the kings of insanity

We will die on the glory road to heaven
The brave will live forever
I raise my glass and drink to you
Who will fight till final breath with honor
Are we gods or generals? Well I'm not sure

After hours of reading
I can see a change, now the war is a raging beast
Many comrades are now dead

Stay with me lord, you're my shield and my sword
At the end of the book; he's another man
Crashed; burned luck had turned

Hell is here and now
What have I done and what have I become

March for me soldiers one final time
Walk against the enemies lines with pride
We'll live and we'll die like a man

I don't know
Is the end of the war

I don't know
Will they back for more
So are we; so are we
Are we gods and general?

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