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Three Way

This song is by City High and appears on the album City High (2001).

Bone diggy dig on bone

Now the way you went
Got me in this messed up predicament
'Cause I ain't know how to be monagomous
I was caught in the wrong
Just walking through the mall
With a short on my arm
Now I played the fool
Sitting in the sneaker store buying shoes
My girl best friend came strolling through
I tried to turn away but I turned to late
Cuzshe already saw my face
I was hoping she
Didn't really get a good look at me
She walked out the store so casually
I thought that I was fine
So she called me later on
With my girl on the line

She seen me
Call me up on the 3-way
Giving my girl the whole replay
Has it happened to you
She seen me
Call me up on the 3-way
Giving my girl the whole replay
Tell me what to do

Now I tried to lie
Said it must have been some other guy
You know your friends jealous of you and I
She ain't got a man
So she all up in our business
Shut up and let me finish girl!
You crushing me
Acting like you ain't got no trust in me
I thought you said you was in love with me
Well act like you know me
Hang up the phone, tell your girl leave us alone
But she ain't quit
The more I try to lie the angrier she get
Told me it was over with us, that's it
Word to all me
If you gon' be out creeping
Look out for her friend

Now ladies know how to stick together, together
No matter what you say you ain't gon' win, mmm mmm
Brothers, better have yo stuff together, together
But she always gon' believe her friend
She always gon' believe her friend

Chorus with hook

Hook to fade

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