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Hold Me Down

This song is by City High.

I don't make everyone happy
But it's ok (it's ok) it's ok (it's ok)
I've been through this before
It's nothing new (nothing new) it's nothing new (nothing new)

I don't know why
Everytime I want to fly
Somebody always tries
To hold me down
Hold me down.....(yeah)
I'm losing my faith
Every single time I try
No one is on my side
Don't let me drown
Let me drown.....

Don't worry about what you've done now
Cause it's ok (it's ok) it's ok (it's ok) (yeah, yeah)
It's a test to see how much you can take
It's nothing new (nothing new) it's nothing new (nothing new)
It's nothing new...


I am drowning...
I am sinking...yeah
I am drowning, I am sinking
Why won't someone help me
Why won't someone help me....


(Fade In)

Get on your knees...
Get on your knees RIGHT NOW!
T's GO!
Suck on this pop boy...

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