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In Your Head

This song is by Cirkus Miramar and appears on the album The Safety Dance EP (2003).

Scary baby it is scary
come and visit me inside
I can cope with all these fairys
just tell me I am still alive
tell me what I see is in my head

scary monsters creeping on my elbow
then onto my shoulder
doo wop hairsets comes in frontal nude
is something that I've seen inside

Can U see the Love & Marriage
Can U see the baby-carriage
nightmare nightmare / such a dream

Help me please pass some meaning
to the visions that I see
could it be a pilot screening
of a multicoloured tea
pictures go exploding through my head

still I hear this neo-nazis' now converted
former Stasis'
breathing down my neck like
kamikaze pilots filling up the sky

Can U see the Love & Marriage
extend into a baby-carriage
nightmare nightmare / such a dream

It's in my head rather brother
in my head father mother
and it is sad to discover
that my mind all together
is a x-file delivered by the bed
-as a strange little feeling in my head
it's in my head

it's in your head

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