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We're Sustained by the Corpse of a Fallen Constellation

This song is by Circle Takes The Square and appears on the album Document Nr.13: Pyramids In Cloth (2002).

Fallow fields have fallen, sallow, sallow
Victim to encryption, disclosing an unspoken plea.
And the stars sang of the scorpion sun. to impale impaling impaled who for mercy begged for drought and blight.
To impale impaling impaled.
Planted in the shadow of a new found impermanence
Our new pyramids fashioned in cloth and the stars sang of the
Scorpion sun.
To inspire, ventilate, increase volume, expiration
Ventilated deceased.
Threatened by the slightest breeze
To impale impaling impaled
Threatened by the slightest breeze, the winds are stirring buried under miles of a fabric fallen
Hollow constellation prediction shallow flat forget-me-not
(Dissertion) no goodbyes, just carbon released in wind

Resting fiercely on an early afternoon facade, ash released the
Stars have risen, elevated in our loss.
And the winds have risen wearing fiercely on our cloth facade
Horizons grown a sickly, sickly pale
To impale impaling impaled
Threatened by the slightest breeze and grown a sickly pale (insert a single method) parse a tense a perfect past (insert a single method)
And is this choking proof that clutching hasn't let me go?
We're sustained by the corpse of a fallen constellation.

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