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Houdini Logic

This song is by Circle Takes The Square and appears on the album Circle Takes The Square (2002).

Chanting in the darkness for just one taste.
Screaming bloody mary until my mirror breaks.
Cheating on reason for just one glimpse
of the disease riding on your lips.
Lay reason to waste.

Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
Breaking into you.
Breaking into you.
Is like waking, waking the dead.
Burning inside you.
Is like waking, waking the dead.
Burning inside you.
As you bury, bury your dead.

How much did she see?
She stole my skin,
I lost it all of what shed.
I lost it all to that flicker of pearly white.
Those nails did lay rest another chaste and serpentine(lunar) sacrifice on the eighth or ninth.

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