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Comes With The Fall

This song is by Circle Takes The Square and appears on the album Circle Takes The Square (2002).

Shaking she's fearing that inside it's growing.

Why can't they see? (feeding on the sunrise)
Why can't they see?
They're sprouting, why can't they see?
They've taken their root in her womb.
Feeding on the sunrise.
Picking my veins like a murderess murderous warmth take hold of me.
Scratching through me.
They created this guilt, right?
They provoke all this shame, right?
They thrive on our guilt, right?
It's not just me alone in this cage?

All of them witches, breaking a fast with the rise of the sun.
Steal back the secrets of heaven and earth.
Striving to fulfill the purgation of dreams.
Purging to fulfill the starvation of dreams.
All of them witches, breaking a fast with the rise of the sun.
Breaking a fast with the rise of the sun.

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