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Sword of Wisdom

This song is by Circle of Grief.

The fire of dragons is burning my flesh
And nightmares devour my shivering soul
Torches and blood I can see in the night
The guardian of death is denying the light

Down in the valleys of fairies and kings
The sword of the wisdom, forgotten in time
As I seek the mysteries in books of the damned
Faith in the keepers of ancient legends

A glance upon the shades, the moonlight in the dark
Into another day, the brightest of the stars
The voices from below keep haunting me at night
Illuminate my mind, a blaze of golden light

Down in the valleys...

What will I see when I open my eyes?
The horros around me I cannot describe
We're dwelling in darkness as ravens will fly
Hailing the gods of the earth and the sky

Down in the valleys...

I raise my voice in my deepest despair
As I would endure any torture and pain
Son of the Dawn, if the truth could be seen
And thou wouldn't reveal all thy secrets to me

Down in the valleys...

A glance upon the shades...

Unlock the hidden gates, salvation you will find
I see the dragon fly and enter astral skies,
The darkness I won't fear, the secret is revealed
But time is running out, my destiny is sealed

Down in the valleys...

A glance upon the shades...

Unlock the hidden gates...

Fly away into the night, leave the misty shades behind
In the darkness of a dream, finally the truth is seen

See the truth, hear the truth, speak the truth, know the truth

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