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Course Of Ruin

This song is by Circle of Dust and appears on the album Brainchild (1994).

As water casts a face the heart reflects the man
Reject your foolish pride before your soul is damned

Dominoe's dancing in the dark
Perpetual collision stark

Piece by piece the sky will fall
As you stammer to a crawl
Through your strength you try to prevent
Total destruction imminent

Never believe your eyes a liar bears no shame
Reject your foolish pride or wear a cursed name

As glass reflects a face motive reveals the man
Reject your foolish pride before your soul is damned


'Looks like hits from some small arms fire,
with some explosives damage, seems to be
seismic survey charges.' -Aliens

'Is that part of the test? No.' -Bladerunner

'Get out of the way!' -Bladerunner

'Everybody's dead! They're all dead!' -The Abyss

'Good luck. Luck is not a factor.'

'You don't actually believe in any of this do you?'

'Would you please just go home!' -Family Matters

'The discovery of anti-psychotic drug's in the late 1950's ended the lobotomy era.
' 'Unnecessary lobotomies did irreparable damage.'

'How long did it take to do the lobotomy? Twenty-five minuets'

'The drill itself was a hand drill.'

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