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Return To Pain

This song is by Cindytalk and appears on the album Wappinschaw (1994).

Gone and still
Passed and engulfed
And a suspended

If the skies
Hold and fight me
To the spoken faith
You've got time
There's no way out
To the speaks or songs
Turn us around

Get us suspicion
Given to hell
Maybe it's simple
Simple as well
A feel of weight of your body
Resting for my arms

Assign you down
Turning you down
Assign you down

I'm working with hard
Into the forest
Into your heart
Come and join me

I'm looking through
The telescope
Through the microscope

Everybody is gone
Everybody is gone
Been away far too long
Everybody has gone
This safe his soul
You've been over for too long

All've been broken
And this memory

All whole day
And this memory
Let me touch your skin

Ambition the sky
To raise stars
Full kind

Everybody is Christ

Everything that is here
Been feel given everything
To be there
You given everything

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