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And Now In Sunshine

This song is by Cindytalk and appears on the album Wappinschaw (1994).

Stay here
Time to cure
I'm still waiting
For you
And now in sunshine
A warning face ?????
This way I do

?????????????? To moment
Of magical dreams
A sunny shining
She cover dissipation
And you dance with me
I will be your balance, will be your point
Dance across dream, across the floor
Carrying calm and still and obsession
Come in softly, slowly, cruely
Here's the simple line
Can make you something
But here no way
Balance and say this again
I don't need you say
What I can saw
And now in sunshine

I hope and go
This is change as I
And leak in my eye

I feel just? go
You see your majesty
In sunshine
In sunshine

I stole you
Time to cure
I'm still waiting
For you

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