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Real To Real

This song is by Cindy Bullens and appears on the album Steal The Night (1979).

Hot nights in the city
With only the cool you can steal
You don't think you're ready for changes
But it's only from real to real

Hard days on the line
I know how it feels
You're already talking to the angels
But they listen on a real to real

Transformations of situations
You'll understand that the reason
That you're easing into nowhere

You never knew you were angry
You never knew you were holding it deep inside
You only knew you were hungry
But did you know it was going to be alright?

Breakdown on a bad day
With too many secrets to conceal
You thought you were slipping through your own way
But it's always from real to real

When the time comes
Just be ready
Don't be afraid
I know that feeling real is really hard to deal with

I never knew I was angry
I never knew I was holding it deep inside
I only knew I was hungry
But now I know it was going to be alright


Written by:

Cindy Bullens

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