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Holding Me Crazy

This song is by Cindy Bullens and appears on the album Steal The Night (1979).

Put me in prison
Out of the clutches of your love
I'm afraid of what I'm feeling
And I cringe at what I'm thinking of

Like a virgin schoolgirl
I'm just waiting for my chance to break away
My heart is ticking like a time-bomb
And it's bound to go off any day

Holding me crazy
Oh, holding me crazy
And I just can't break it
This chain on my love

(Holding me... Holding me down)

Painful conditions
Taking me back to my bed
I pull all the covers way up over my eyes
With the pillow securing my head

I lay there thinking
That I know you're gonna make me insane
Well, I have got my reasons
But still you just keep getting your way

Holding me crazy
Oh, holding me crazy
And I just can't make it
Got a chain on my love

A voice inside me I heard it say
You got to get on your feet today
Here's your chance to break away
You better go now
So I tiptoed across the floor
I put my ear up against the door
I couldn't hear him anymore and so I'm gone now

Oh, I know now

Holding me crazy...
Oh, no, he won't let you break away
Oh, no, he won't let you go
Never gonna chain my love


Written by:

Cindy Bullens

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