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Their Skies Are Beautiful (2005)Edit

Cinderpop - Their Skies Are Beautiful
Their Skies Are Beautiful
  1. Bastian Cooper
  2. Exquisite Day
  3. Midnight
  4. Comes in Threes
  5. Noon Star
  6. Dear Miss Bliss
  7. Mind's Eye
  8. Mishapen
  9. Downstream
  10. Upstream
  11. Airless

A Lesson in Science (2008)Edit

Cinderpop - A Lesson In Science
A Lesson in Science
  1. Bumblebee
  2. A Lesson in Science
  3. Speechless
  4. Blonder
  5. Cinnamon Winter
  6. Speed of Light
  7. When All the Town Turns Right
  8. Boomerang
  9. Dead at the Side of the Road
  10. Mary, All Messed in the Head
  11. Vesuvius
  12. Latest of the Five
  13. Bounce Me

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