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Pearls (2006)Edit

Cinderella Effect - Pearls
  1. Intro
  2. After Dark
  3. Standing
  4. Wenn Die Liebe Ein Engel Ist
  5. Call The Ships To Port
  6. Creature Of Masquerade
  7. Black Hole Sun
  8. Genesis
  9. Clone Your Lover
  10. Stille Der Nacht
  11. Israel
  12. Black No. 1
  13. Butterfly: Dance!
  14. Darkest Hour
  15. Zombie
  16. Timekiller
  17. Outro

Cinderellicious (2010)Edit

Cinderella Effect - Cinderellicious
  1. Tracing
  2. Daydreamer
  3. Noiselessly
  4. Always
  5. The Crown Princess
  6. To Keep The Golden Mean
  7. Hear Me Out
  8. Summer Wine
  9. Fallen Star
  10. Uninvited
  11. If Holy Is

Additional information

Artist information:
  • Solo project of DJane Constance, vocalist of Blutengel
Years active:
  • 2006-present
Band members:
  • Constance Rudertvocals - 2005-current
  • Coralie Thomasvocals - 2005-current
  • Katja Gutowskivocals - 2005-current
Related artists:
Record labels:

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