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Sick For The Cure

This song is by Cinderella and appears on the album Heartbreak Station (1990).

oooh there used to be a time when I thought I had the answers
answers to the questions that nobody knew
used to be a time when I had some time
but when I had the time I didn't know what to do
wasted all those years never gettin any younger
times kept a-changin but I still got the hunger
only trouble is the walls are closin in
sometimes I wanna give it all away

I just wanna be free...oh free like the wind
and if the wind fills my sails then I'm never coming back again

maybe I'll head down south to New Orleans
wouldn't have no taxes cause I wouldn't have the means
looking for a genie that could fill my dreams
but dreams become reality and real ain't what it seems to be

-chorus x2-

Sick for the cure on this roller coaster ride
it can take you real low and it can get you real high
just passin time, but time ain't on my side
oh, guitar


-chorus x3-

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