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This song is by Cinder and appears on the album Break Your Silence (2001).

Four o'clock this morning
That familiar noise
End of bedtime stories
I've put away my toys

I'm not afraid of shadows
Don't look under the bed
Headlights on the ceiling
Are passing by instead

And now I sit here crying
And I'm trying to be strong
Now that daddy's gone

Four o'clock this morning
Close the window blinds
I don't believe my brother
That you left us all behind

So where were you this evening
Dinner's empty chair
Mommy stared in silence
Daddy, don't you care

Alone and left to hunger
What it was I did so wrong
Now that daddy's gone
Oh now that daddy's gone

Four o'clock this morning
I lie awake alone
Time has taken over
Now that I'm gone

Today I found old pictures
Of painful memories
I recall a child screaming
"Where's my daddy, please?"

And all that I remember
Is what I call my own
Now that daddy's gone
Now that daddy's gone
Now that daddy's gone

Daddy, where'd you go?

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